How to Run Android App on PC

run android app on pc
    Today I will tell you about a software by which you'll be able to run android apps on your laptops/PC. You may also run them on your computers but it depends on the size of the app and your memory limits. Not only android apps but you can run any of the mobile games or any mobile related program on your computer. You may have talking tom on your PC, or a mobile game, or KIK prog, or pulse or anything else.

download it from Following link

What you simply have to do is to download "bluestacks" software. Do download it from this link Run Mobile Apps on Windows PC or Mac with BlueStacks | Android App Player, this is 100% virus free and also free of cost. Just download it on your PC, then install it. And now download any of the mobile/android app that you want in your PC and simply start it, this blue stacks will itself help it to browse. 


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