Parental control in the today digital world has turned out to be a very difficult task for parents, particularly with the technological advancements in the mobile industry. These days, teenagers not just interested in gaming consoles, but they are also demanding smartphones for their birthdays or as a reward towards good behavior. Considering this, the parents are always showing interest on rewarding good behavior and are providing their kids with the best possible life. In most cases, they do not have any other choice other than buying their teenager, the best smartphone in the market. In such circumstances, having a spyware on the phone can be the excellent choice.

How to keep track of text messaging activities of kid, cheating wife/husband or a staff, whose efficiency has decreased is the question many people these days have. Many people have a question on how to stay on top of issues without spooking a person. The answer to their concern lies with cell phone monitoring software. As the name of such an application like theTruthSpy denotes, the software is especially used for tracking, monitoring and spying on the text messaging, calling activities and also the location of the user of the phone in which the application has been installed. In addition, such software is easy and convenient to use as well.

Just within 5-10 minutes of getting the phone of the user, it is possible to install the software on the phone. That’s it, once installed and activated, the activities on the phone can be tracked without even touching the phone that too it can be done remotely with the help of any other computer or phone or tablet with web access. With such an application, it is possible to know the exact location of the user, regardless of whether an individual wants to spy on the teenage kid, employee or cheating spouse.

Benefits of software:

One can enjoy a wide range of benefits by installing such an application. If you are a parent, you can keep track of your teenager and can intervene, when you feel that your child is moving towards a wrong path. In addition, you can also prevent him from accessing porn websites and not just parents, but employers and spouses can make use of such an application.

1. First, open "thetruthspy" website.

2. Click on "TRY NOW - IT'S Free!"

3. Click on "Download" button. The thetruthspy mobile app starts downloading.

4. After downloading the thetruthspy app

5. Install it in the mobile phone whose sms and call record you want to read on your mobile phone

6. After installation open the thetruthspy app

7. Click on "Register New Account"

8. A small box open click on "Agree" button

9. A registration page open enter the Email id and password and click on "Create Account"

10. Click on "Activate" button

11. Click on "Configuration" button

12. Click on "Hide Icon TheTruthSpy" button. A small box open click on "Yes"

13. You will see that the thetruthspy app icon hide

14. Now open "thetruthspy" website on your mobile phone

15. Click on "SIGN IN" button.

16. A page open enter the same Email id and password which you have entered during app registration

17. Click "Login" button

18. A page open click on "SMS", sms history of that mobile device open in front of you.

19. Then click on "Call History", call history of that mobile device open in front of you.

20. This is today's video. Hope you find my video interesting for you.


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